Recruit the talent of tomorrow

Select, hire and grow your talent based on their current and future skills.

A few benefits

Save time on the repetitive work of scanning CVs

We scan the CVs of all your candidates to help you find the diamonds in the rough within seconds.


Go straight to interviewing the best candidates

We select the best matches so you can go straight to inviting the candidates you don't want to lose.

Be on top of latest job trends

As new skills come on the market, Talent API picks up on them, keeping your matching fresh. There is no manual work required from your part and you will always have a view on latest skills trends.

Understand talent

Find matches not just on job titles or education, but on what skills they actually have and lack.

How it works

    • Experience

    • Skills

    • Education

    • Location

  • We collect your best matches

    Talent API calculates how well candidates match your vacancies, based on hard skills, soft skills, experience, location and seniority.

  • We show you why it’s a match

    Talent API helps you understand why a match is recommended. We give each applicant a score on each parameter and calculate a general score. The system lets you know where the match was found and where the skill gap is.

  • We let you rate each parameter

    For some jobs, it's all about the hard skills. For other jobs, you want seniority and soft skills. Talent API allows you to adjust the default importance of each parameter. The other skills adapt to your decision. This helps you find the ideal match faster, according to your needs.

  • You make the final call

    Talent API helps you with the heavy-lifting part of your job. Now, it’s up to you to invite the best candidates that are fitting your vacancy and let them know you want to get in contact with them.

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Our AI deeply understands human language

  • Talent API understands job titles

    Our AI knows which job titles are equivalent to what you are looking for and what skills they require, automatically.

    For example:

    If you’re searching for a HR Officer, we’ll also retrieve all the relevant HR Business Partners and HR Coordinators for you.

  • Talent API understands multiple languages

    Our AI reads CVs and vacancies in multiple languages.

    For example:

    if you’re searching for a Store Employee, our AI will also surface all the relevant Winkelmedewerker, Vendeur / Vendeuse, and Filialmitarbeiter.

  • Talent API understands hard and soft skills

    Our AI knows which hard skills and soft skills a candidate has, even if they haven’t explicitly listed them in their CV.

    For example:

    A Recruiter profile is likely to have the hard skills Applicant Tracking System and the soft skills Multitasking and Communication.

  • Talent API is self-learning

    Our AI automatically picks up on new skills and jobs as the job market evolves.

    For example:

    Our solution supports queries for AI and Blockchain experts as soon as these emerging technologies appear on the market!

Thanks to Radix, we are able to provide our candidates with high-quality search and suggestions. The members of the Radix team are experts in applying AI technology to HR challenges. Each team member thinks along with our business goals, always finding creative solutions to solve our problems. We very much appreciate that they go the extra mile to adapt their solution to our needs.

Tom Verlinden - Enterprise Architect at House of HR

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